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Many women—as a result of child­bear­ing and oth­er factors—develop what is defined as vagi­nal lax­i­ty of the introi­tus. This may also cause sig­nif­i­cant loss of sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion. The Viveve sys­tem is a proven, non­sur­gi­cal and non-inva­sive method of restor­ing the integri­ty of the vagi­nal introi­tus. Viveve employs radiofre­quen­cy ther­mal ther­a­py to the involved tis­sue, regen­er­at­ing and tight­en­ing the tis­sue.

Viveve improves vagi­nal dry­ness, uri­nary incon­ti­nence, and oth­er issues. An increase in sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion is also a result of the Viveve vagi­nal reju­ve­na­tion. The Viveve pro­ce­dure does not require a hos­pi­tal set­ting and is com­plet­ed in com­fort with­out the need for local or top­i­cal anes­the­sia, with a remark­able safe­ty record. There is no post-pro­ce­dur­al down­time and the return to nor­mal activ­i­ties is rapid.

The Viveve pro­ce­dure address­es both the pre- and post-menopausal pop­u­la­tion. Indi­ca­tions for the pro­ce­dure include vagi­nal lax­i­ty, vagi­nal dry­ness and atro­phy, stress uri­nary prob­lems, decreased sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion and dys­pare­u­nia ( painful inter­course ) The Viveve pro­ce­dure is a non-inva­sive one time 30-minute spa pro­ce­dure that is pain­less that does not require anes­the­sia with an excel­lent safe­ty record admin­is­tered by trained med­ical pro­fes­sion­als. Pre-pro­ce­dur­al con­sul­ta­tions and exam­i­na­tions are avail­able by appoint­ment at the spa.

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